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RC LogoThe CNVC Restorative Justice Project aims to support dialogue and mutual learning between the NVC and RJ communities, in the service of developing compassionate justice systems and effective means for increasing community safety.

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Dominic Barter and Kit Miller

A 3-minute video made by the University of Rochester, featuring Kit Miller and I talking about nonviolent, restorative responses to community conflict.

Rochester's underground justice system

An article from the local Rochester weekly paper, which goes into detail about the work:

Shift Network 'Summer of Peace 2012' Justice Week telecall

In this hour long conversation Dominic Barter talks about restorative systems, some of the principles behind them and the way they have developed in Brazil and around the world, creating the context for Restorative Circles and other practices.

A transcript of this talk is also available here.

'Restorative Justice and Social Healing in the US and beyond' telecouncil

Molly Rowan Leach hosts this hour-long conversation with Dominic Barter, presenting Restorative Circles, their origin, application and powerfully transformative underlying dynamics.

Over the last 4 years the practical application of NVC to restorative practices has been presented to many in the Restorative Justice community for the first time. A specific approach to conferencing - in which those normally considered victims, offenders and members of the community come together in the wake of crime or disagreement - has been developed and widely applied in the court, education, prison and social services community in Brazil. Called Restorative Circles, this work - developed by Dominic Barter, and guided by NVC - is now being shared and applied internationally. 

Most recently Dominic was the Keynote speaker at the International Conference on Restorative Practices, in Toronto, and presented the contribution our applications of NVC are making to the field.

The CNVC RJ Project is currently supporting the initiatives in Brazil, as well as seeding new projects in the UK, US, Canada and beyond - often with the active support of local groups such as BayNVC and Brooklyn NVC. People from over 15 countries have received training over the last two years. 

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