CNVC Project in Asia

Coordinated by Father Chris Rajendram

Purpose of the Project

The goal of the Project Asia (which began as South Asia Project) is to spread NVC to all the regions of Asia.

History and Background

  • It began with Sri Lanka and then spread to India.
  • Local trainers and trainers from outside the region who had connections in these countries offered NVC trainings at basic and advanced levels.
  • Holding an IIT (a 9-day International Intensive Training) in a region marks an important stage of growth of NVC in that region, as it brings together those already involved in NVC in the area, plus new people, in a deep and intensive learning situation.
  • Before and after IITs, Project Asia would like to help in the development of NVC in that region, through trainers and supporters of that region.
  • Immediate objective is to spread NVC in the SARC countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet).
  • Kay Singer has accomplished significant progress in introducing NVC in Korea. She has organized very many training programmes and has also published Marshall’s book in Korean.
  • The newly formed Asia Pacific Circle is playing an important role in sustaining connections between those spreading NVC in the Asia Pacific region. It is important that all new circles and centers that arise in Asia connect with each other, and the Asia Pacific Circle can assist with this.
  • An NVC-India-info e-group exists which also plays a role in connecting those spreading NVC in India.
  • The war torn regions of Asia are of special importance to this project.
  • Sri Lanka and India are well on their way to developing deeper penetration of NVC with a number of trainers, both certified and non-certified, actively teaching and spreading NVC.

What we have Achieved

In Sri Lanka there are already two NVC centers—Sandhi Institute and the Foundation for Nonviolent Communication. There are other centers like Peace and Reconciliation, Peace and Action, (Thayaparan) Compassionate Communication, (Lourdes William) which spread NVC. There is great demand for NVC trainings in local languages and we have very few trainers in the local languages. The first IIT was held in Sri Lanka in 2002. The present political situation makes it difficult to hold another.

India has made great strides in spreading NVC. The contribution of Bridget Belgrave, a CNVC trainer from England has been immense. So too the support of John Abbe. The two certified trainers in India, Aniruddha and Kumarjiv, have done many NVC trainings in India, and inspired many others to move towards becoming trainers themselves. Several other CNVC trainers have offered trainings when visiting India. Dilip Soni has opened communication channels among the trainers and supporters in India. The Bangalore IIT in December 2004 has brought much enthusiasm for the spread of NVC. Hema Pokhorna from Chicago is organizing the Pune IIT in December 2006 with the help of a local team.

How can you contribute to this project?

  1. Donate to this project.
  2. We still lack NVC materials in local languages. We hope to publish the Tamil and Sinhala translation of Marshall’s book ‘Nonviolent Communication – a Language of Life’ before the end of this year. We have a completed translation of the book into Hindi (translated by Kumarjiv), but it has not yet found a publisher. We still have to find funds and talents to publish in other languages.
  3. We would like to hold at least one IIT every year in one of the Asian countries. This requires funds as many of the participants cannot afford the present international fees. The IITs need to be in the model of the Bangalore and Pune IITs, offering local participants places with fees that are viable in the local economy, and also offering many full bursaries.
  4. Support for further training for local trainers. We are in need of developing the continued training programme in each region. The programme itself needs to be developed with the help of experienced international trainers, in collaboration with local trainers, depending on their needs and requests.

For further information please contact Father Chris Rajendram

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