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We are building a new way for people to be able to receive and offer empathy and support in real time to each other (within minutes of a request).

Would you like to try it? Here you can read more about it and sign up to get to try it out amongst the first people.



Below you can read the original text related to the Open Online NVC Gathering.


From collective mourning ...

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We remember the weeks after Marshall passed away and how the FUZE line was alive everyday all day long.

Besides a place to share memories,
it was like a talk radio show
where people shared their experiences with NVC,
received empathy and support
and sometimes just got silly.

Many people would keep it on while eating dinner, and found it heartwarming.

... something permanent was established, ...

A few weeks after the conversation wound down
CNVC established what is now called “An NVC Empowerment Forum”:
This 24/7 meeting place was created to support easy connection for everyone.

As time went by fewer people where online on this line,
and the chance to meet somebody there decreased.

... let's use that possibility:

In one of the "community forum" meetings we had an idea how to revive that line: 

When it is easy to tell when somebody is present at that digital campfire,
the chance of meeting somebody rises again.

When in one week about 14 people from the big worldwide NVC community
are able to dedicate half an hour for being present there,
and are able to communicate the time span they schedule for that:
it would already cover an average of one hour each day!


It is happening

This is the current agenda:

Click Open Online NVC Gathering to join the campfire at any time.
(You can add those events to your calendar like google calendar using this url.)

You want to be part of it?

Just share your schedule to become a visible part of it:
(Feel free to open this calendar in a new tab/window for easier navigation.)
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