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Sending Wire Transfers and Other Funds to CNVC

To transfer funds via wire transfer or PayPal to the CNVC U.S. account, please first contact CNVC's A/R Department: e-mail Receivables for information about how to do this. (In order to protect our financial account we no longer publish this information publicly and we have recently changed our bank account number.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you send funds to CNVC by wire transfer or PayPal please also send us a email (to e-mail receivables) indicating your name, the date of transfer, the amount transferred and what the funds are for. We need to have this information to track and properly credit what you send (because our branch bank does not provide us with all of the information that the sender provides when sending us a wire).

CNVC prefers payment in checks in US currency, or via credit card. If you wish to pay by check in other currencies, please add an additional $20 for bank cashing fees.

Turnaround Time for Payment Requests

CNVC will send payment for invoices for services rendered, reimburse authorized expenses etc. within 30 calendar days of our receiving the invoice, receipts for expenses, etc. Send questions about this policy to our bookkeeper, e-mail the Bookkeeper.

Please Direct Media and PR Related Questions to:

Advertising and marketing inquiries pertaining to the promotion of PuddleDancer Press titles should be directed to:
Meiji Stewart, Marketing Director
Phone: 877-843-2924 (PST)
meiji [at] puddledancer [dot] com (e-mail)

Requests for interviews with any of our other authors should be directed to:
Marketing Director
Phone: 877-843-2924 (PST)
email [at] puddledancer [dot] com (e-mail)

PuddleDancer Press does not provide direct support to NVC trainers and organizations to promote NVC training.


To inquire about or offer fundraising ideas, etc., contact the donation department.

To notify us about connections with foundations for grants, etc., contact our donation department, e-mail donation department.

Please contact our Donation the CNVC office if you have questions or concerns related to donations (e-mail Donation Department).

CNVC and NVC Trademarks, Service Marks and Logo

The CNVC logo is a legally registered mark and we would like to protect it. If you want to use this symbol, please acquire an official copy from the webmaster: e-mail the webmaster. A page of logos is available to CNVC Certified Trainers in the "Trainer Group" section of the web site.

Similarly, the terms "Nonviolent Communication," "NVC" and "CNVC" are service marks of CNVC. There is a page that describes how to use the cnvc trademarks/service marks.

Promotional Materials

To get promotional materials to promote NVC, contact the CNVC office or PuddleDancer Press, email [at] puddledancer [dot] com (email Puddle Dancer). See
Photos of Marshall are available at:

Certification Process and Annual Renewal of Trainer Certification

TheCertification Dept receives the documents necessary to (1) finalize the certification process for new trainers, and (2) process the annual renewal for CNVC Certified Trainers, e-mail Certification

Please address concerns about the certification process, including suggestions for improvements, to the Certification Coordination Counsel (CCC) e-mail Certification Coordination Counsel.

International Intensive Training Applications and Tuition Reductions

To learn more about IITs and to apply to attend, or to apply for an IIT tuition reduction, go the iit-information page or email IIT administration or call the CNVC office +1 505 244 4041. Tuition reduction requests are due three months prior to the IIT. We prefer to receive them by e-mail.

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