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If you would like to inquire about scheduling a presentation or training with one of our CNVC Certified Trainers, you can search the list of CNVC Certified Trainers to see if there is someone in you area that can help you share this process with your organization or community.  You can enter the country and state or province you are in and find a trainer that might be nearby, or you can view a map showing the location of our CNVC Certified Trainers nearest to your location.

If you do not see someone near you , or if you have needs in multiple countries or want CNVC's support or involvement for whatever reason, please use the link below to tell us about your request.

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Marshall Rosenberg's picture Marshall B. Rosenberg, founder and developer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), developed and led NVC trainings and frequently presented all over the world -- offering the richness of NVC in both public and organizational contexts. Marshall is privileged and humbled to have had these enriching experiences and celebrates that CNVC continues to spread NVC all over the world.

Today, Marshall focuses his energy on projects closer to home, enjoying time with his wife, Valentina.

He is proud to have witnessed the growth of a talented Training Team and is confident in its ability to continue spreading NVC. Marshall encourages you to invite members of the Training Team to your community for NVC presentations and trainings.

In Marshall's own words, "I hope you will engage and support this new phase for CNVC so it can continue to fulfill the important roles it plays in helping spread and safeguard the integrity of NVC, the certification process & teaching."

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